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  • Creating a RAMCloud Client
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This page contains basic information on how to write client applications that use the RAMCloud storage system.

An example application

The file src/ in the RAMCloud source directory contains a simple RAMCloud application. Here are a few general hints about writing applications:

  • The main include file you will need is RamCloud.h, which is in the RAMCloud source directory. This file also includes many other RAMCloud include files.
  • To open a connection with the cluster, you create a RAMCloud::RamCloud object. The arguments to the constructor provide information about how to connect with the cluster; these are typically the same as command-line options passed to the cluster coordinator when it was started.
  • Once you have a RamCloud object, you can use its methods to invoke RAMCloud operations.

How to compile an application

Here is an example command for compiling a RAMCloud client application:

g++ -Lobj.master -lramcloud -Isrc -Iobj.master -o TestClient

This assumes the following:

  • The application is in the file, which is in the top-level RAMCloud directory.
  • RAMCloud itself has already been compiled.
  • The RAMCloud sources are using the master git branch.

If the application is in a different directory, or if the RAMCloud sources are not using the master branch, you will need to adjust the command line accordingly.

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