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  • 8/30/12
    • Coordinator: Starting to test server list management; tablet map persistence is still to do.
    • Log Cabin: Reimplementing consensus module.
    • Client retry: Done.
    • Log Cleaner: A week out from merge.
    • Fault Tolerance: No progress; probably regressions due to churn in backup rewrite.
    • Cold Start: Needs to be reimplemented due to backup storage changes.
    • Leases: Officially a 1.0 feature, no other progress, though.
    • Synchronous write mode: Done and merged.
    • Tablet map: Awaiting code review fixes.
  • 7/12/12

    • Coordinator: Implementation in progress, making basic state persistent
    • Log Cabin: Implementing consensus module; interface and durability already working; coordinator work is not blocked on it
    • Client retry: Should be done in about a week; converting existing rpcs to the new architecture
    • Table Enumeration: Functional, needs real-world testing
    • Log Cleaner: Redesign done; integrating with log refactoring, should done in a week
    • Fault tolerance: Recovery can survive all sorts of failures (recovery master crashes, loss of backups); recovery of multiple hosts works; still smoking out bugs
    • Cold start: Awaiting client retry, but hack allows some basic testing; have found a fixed a few bugs, but haven't been able to successfully cold start yet
    • New potential requirement: leases?
  • 5/11/12
    • Fault-tolerant coordinator: new design in progress
    • Cold start attempted; fails on enlistment since CoordinatorServiceList isn't persisted
    • Enumerate: designed, coding
    • Fault tolerance: new python class for scripting more interesting failure scenarios for RAMCloud
    • Log cleaner: gathering metrics