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  • You code and test your enhancements, making sure to meet the requirements described above. When you're getting started, it's probably a good idea to send an email to the ramcloud-dev mailing list to let us know what you are planning to do; we may be able to give you some initial feedback that will allow you to work more effectively.
  • You submit a code review containing your enhancements. The RAMCloud code review site is publicly available on the Web at To submit a set of patches for review, you can invoke scripts/ in your RAMCloud source directory. This will submit a diff containing your uncommitted git changes (to find out how to specify other patch sets, invoke scripts/ with the --help option).
  • Send an email to the ramcloud-dev mailing list to let us know about  about your proposed changes (you must be subscribed to the list for posting privileges).
  • Some of us will review your code and most likely make suggestions for improvement. You will revise, and we will repeat this process until we are all happy with the code.
  • Then you can send us your patch and we will apply it to the RAMCloud sources.
  • Over time, if you make multiple contributions, we will give you direct access to the repository so that you can make commitments yourself. However, we will still expect you to go through code reviews.
  • Eventually, once we've seen that you can write high quality code, we may relax the requirement for code reviews on all submissions. However, we still encourage you to get code reviews for major changes; we do this ourselves, and it helps to maintain a high level of quality in the source base.