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-L infrc:host=`hostname -s`,port=1101
Service locator for this server: indicates how other machines should communicate with the server. See Service Locators for details.
-x zk:rcmaster:2181Has the same meaning as the corresponding coordinator argument: specifies the external storage server that is used for cluster configuration information. The storage server uses this information to locate the coordinator for the cluster.
--totalMasterMemory 16000
Total amount of  DRAM this storage server should use for RAMCloud data, in MBytes (16GB in this example). The storage data will consume additional memory beyond this for various metadata purposes, and you should ensure that server nodes never have to page, so the total amount of memory on the note should probably be 1-2GB larger than this value.
-f /dev/sda2

Specifies a file or raw device for the backup to use for storing backup data.

WARNING: file descriptor will be treated as a block device and unrelated existing data will be overwritten.

--segmentFrames 10000
The amount of space available on the backup device, specified in units of 8MB segments (in this example, the total storage available is 80GB). If a server uses M gigabytes bytes of DRAM and the replication factor is R, then it should typically have about 2MR bytes of space in backup storage; any value lower than this may cause the cluster to eventually fail to service write requests.
-r 2Replication factor for RAMCloud data. In this example, 2 backup copies will be kept on secondary storage for each object in memory. A replication factor 2 is probably reasonably safe, given that there is also a copy in DRAM; 3 is conservative. All of the storage servers in the cluster should use the same replication factor.