2015-10-30 Meeting notes




The Simulation Scenario:

-Topology: 28 sender, 1 Receiver, RTT=7.75us, BDP=9700B. Receivers on different
rack from the sender. The network has cut-through switching enabled.

-Workload: FacebookKeyValue with 80%, 50%, and 10% load at receiver inbound
link. The interarrival gaps sampled from an scaled Facebook key-value
intearrival distribution.

-Transports: PseudoIdealPriorityTransport and HomaTransport

For HomaTransport: Three priority levels are used for the packets:
-Req Pkt: Small high prio pkts, carry upto one full pkt worth of
-Grants: Sent on the highest priority
-Unsched: Each sender sends unsched in the medium priority. The
amount of unsched data is such that the total request pkt
plus unsched pkts will be at most one BDP
-Sched: Scheduled packets are on the lowest priority

Stretch Factor Comparison:

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