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  • While ordering:
    • The address for delivery is: Room 359, Gates Computer Science Building, 353 Serra Mall, Stanford.
    • Remember to give your phone number.
    • Ask them to provide utensils. In case they don't, we now have a large supply of utensils under the center table in 444. (There are enough to last 2013, but if/when they start running out, replenish by buying from a store and getting reimbursement from Sue.)



Past orders:

Spicekit 2013-06-20

Individual Kits (14):

2 x Banh Mi Five Spice Chicken
2 x Ssam Five Spice Chicken
2 x Ssam Roasted Pork
2 x Ssam Organic Tofu
2 x Bowl Five Spice Chicken

2 x Bowl Roasted Pork
2 x Bowl Organic Tofu
Imp note: The kimchi rice in kits contains shellfish. So please give white rice instead for the tofu dishes.

SidesFamily style
salad of organic asian lettuces
Ginger-Peanut Slaw large bowl
Lotus Chips large bowl

Drinks (10):
4 x Coke
4 x Diet Coke
2 x Sprite

The salad is WAY too big for 10-14 people, and too expensive. Don't order this next time. Or if you order salad, then don't order the other sides.

Backayard 2013-05-02

Was too expensive.