Cluster Custodian

At any given point in time, one RAMCloud team member is the "cluster custodian".  This means that this person is responsible for fixing any problems that come up with the RAMCloud test cluster. In addition, the cluster custodian is responsible for monitoring the ramcloud-dev mailing list and making sure that all incoming messages are handled properly.  If you are custodian and you don't know how to deal with an issue, it is your responsibility to find other people in the group who can help you deal with it. Once you become the custodian, you keep that responsibility until you have done a non-trivial amount of work as custodian; once that happens, you can notify the next person on the list below that they are now custodian and then update the list with their start date. This list is the final word: if the last start date for a custodian is next to your name, then you are the custodian. If you can't remember whether you have actually done any work as custodian, then you are still custodian.

Custodian list

NameTerms Served

Jonathan Ellithorpe1
(2019/10/16)→ Collin Lee1

Yilong Li1

(2018/04/16)→  (2018/08/27)


(2018/10/29)→ (2019/4/29)

Behnam Montazeri1

Seo Jin Park1
(2018/08/27)→(2018/10/29)Henry Qin1
(2019/4/29) → (2019/10/16)Stephen Yang1