Design Review

This page contains materials related to the design review held at Stanford on April 1, 2010 and attended by a collection of reviewers from industry and academia.

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After discussing all the visitor comments, we made a list of the most important overall suggestions to consider as the project evolves:

  • Leverage existing technologies, such as:
    • ZooKeeper
    • Infiniband
    • Network file systems?
  • Compression: how can it be incorporated into the system architecture?
  • Locality may be more important that we have been thinking. Some examples of how to expose/encourage/support locality:
    • Provide a multiget operation so that several objects can be fetched in a single RPC.
    • Allow applications to find out where objects are stored.
    • Allow applications to ensure that objects are colocated on the same server. For example, allow applications to request that certain tablets always be colocated in the same server partition.
    • Allow code to be shipped to servers?
  • Many people liked the idea of making a fast RPC system available separately from the rest of RAMCloud, if that's possible.
  • Applications: lots of encouragement to seek out appropriate applications for RAMCloud and use them to guide the design decisions.
  • When measuring performance, measure distributions (e.g. 90th percentile), not just average or best-case performance.