Vim Settings

Some tips for configuring Vim for RAMCloud.
If you don't know what these do, see Vim's help pages.
If you need help, ask Diego.


  • Automatically add the asterisk when you hit enter inside a Doxygen comment
  • Enable the doxygen plugin to highlight inside Doxygen comments
    " before syntax on:
    let g:load_doxygen_syntax=1
  • 4-spaces, no tabs
    set et ts=4 sw=4
  • some more sanity
    set smarttab cindent cin0=(0
  • make trailing whitespace stand out
    • You could do this, but it's annoying while you're typing:
      syntax match Error "\s\+$"
      syntax match Error "\t"
    • This can be configured to be less intrusive:
      set list