Wireshark Plugin

We have a wireshark plugin that understands FastTransport's header format and parses out the fields. This is how you run it:

cd path/to/ramcloud/ft
wireshark -X lua_script:wireshark_rpc.lua


If you're using this with a fast+infeth generated pcap file (see obj.master/server --help for pcapFile), you'll also need this patch for now:

diff --git a/ft/wireshark_rpc.lua b/ft/wireshark_rpc.lua
index c4240fe..9ab878d 100644
--- a/ft/wireshark_rpc.lua
+++ b/ft/wireshark_rpc.lua
@@ -87,6 +87,7 @@ do
                                   f_channelId, f_payloadType, f_direction, f_requestAck, f_pleaseDrop }
                function p_proto.dissector(buf, pkt, root)
+                       buf = buf(2):tvb() -- Hack to remove extra 2 bytes of length added to end of eth header.
                        local header_len = 26
                        local t = root:add(p_proto, buf(0, header_len))
                        t:add_le(f_sessionToken, buf(0, 8))

The problem is that infeth uses 2 bytes after the Ethernet header to contain the length of the packet.