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  • Spring Discussion Wrapup
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Major Questions

  • Latency? And apps that drive low latency?

Points of agreement

  • Facebook++, High volume txns (visa, fraud), Mapreduce, virtual worlds
  • 1M req/sec/server
  • Backups on nonvolatile storage
  • Assume power outages are solved
  • Commodity hardware
  • Cost effective (per request, per byte)
Data Model
  • Blobs, tables indices
  • Opaque data, system understands indices
  • Applications, which are collections of tables
Client-Server Functions
  • No compute on storage servers
  • Sorting may be a query function thus servers may play a role
  • Protect separate applications
  • Guarantee privacy & integrity of packets
  • Avoid per byte crypto
  • Charge for DoS attacks
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