Phabricator Instructions

Arcanist Setup

NB: The links are only there for your reference. The instructions on this page are sufficient for setting up arcanist for RAMCloud


  1. Install `arcanist` using the instructions from their website. The high level bit is to create an installation directory and clone the two repositories:

    mkdir -p /path/to/my/installation/directory
    git clone
    git clone	
  2.  Add `arcanist` to your `PATH`.

    export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/my/installation/directory/arcanist/bin
  3. Configure the project this set of instructions. First, put the following in a file called `.arcconfig` inside the ramcloud directory.

      "phabricator.uri" : ""
  4. Next, run `arc install-certificate` from inside the ramcloud directory and follow the on-screen instructions. After you see the SUCCESS message in the terminal, your arcanist install is up and ready to go!


Usage of the diff tool


  1. Make your commit using the standard `git commit`.
  2. Submit the review using `arc diff`.
  3. After receiving comments, you can make a new commit and update a review by using `arc diff` again. For more details about `arc diff` and the exact semantics of which commit ranges it defaults to, see this page.