Memory Prices

Memory pricing (August 2011)

The following information was provided by Ed Bugnion:

We talked about the memory pricing trends yesterday. Here is some recent data (August) for standard vendor cost of server-grade ECC memory :

  • 2GB DIMM : EOL
  • 4GB DIMM : ~$52 - $57
  • 8GB DIMM : $97-$104
  • 16GB DIMM (QR): $200
  • 16GB DIMM (DR): $415-$460
  • 32GB DIMM: $1800

So, there is linear pricing up to 16GB (QR only). Typical 1RU/blade configuration is 12 DIMM slots per 2-socket server, with a transition to 16 DIMM slots per 2-socket server (16 cores) by EOY. So we will get to linear pricing up to 256GB in early 2012.