Mellanox HW and Infiniband Notes

Flashing ASIC Firmware on SX Switches

image fetch http://rcmaster/~rumble/fdr_switch_and_hca_firmware/fw-SX-rel-9_0_3000-MSX6036F_A1.tgz
image default-chip-fw fw-SX-rel-9_0_3000-MSX6036F_A1.tgz
show asic-version
write memory


Flashing HCA Firmware

mst start
mst status
flint -d /dev/mst/mt4099_pci_cr0 -i fw-2_9_7000-MCX354A-FCA_A2.bin burn  

mst start loads the appropriate kernel modules and creates the /dev/mst nodes for flint to use. There's some way of specifying PCI bus/slot/function addressing, I think, but I forgot what it is.