New Contributor Checklist

There's a growing number of systems that people need to be added to as they join the project. The purpose of this page is to enumerate those systems (so new people know what they're missing) and write down the steps for adding people (because the old people are forgetful).

Access to RAMCloud cluster

Prospective users must provide Collin with an OpenSSH public key and a desired account name. We'll then feed it through rcmaster:/root/scripts/ to set the account up. Then you should be able to ssh .

Confluence (Wiki)

Ankita, Diego, or John can create you a user account for write access to the wiki. One of these administrators must create this account for you using the wiki's web interface. New users should be added to the groups 'confluence-users' and 'ramcloud'.

Jira (Bug Tracker)

For write access to the bug tracker, first go and register an account for yourself. A link to do this can be found on the log in page. Then, Henry, Ankita, Diego, or John can add your user account to the 'RAMCloud' group so that you can do stuff.

Code Review Tool

This is open to anyone with a Google account.

Fiz (Git repo)

For write access to the git repo, you need a UNIX account on fiz. Provide Ankita or Collin with an SSH public key and a desired account name. They should make sure you end up in the 'ramcloud' group.

IRC channel

This is open to anonymous users, but you may want to register your nick with NickServ.